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Come on in and grab yourself something to drink. Coffee? Tea? Water or juice? Pull your shoes off or keep them on; the choice is yours. I want you to be comfortable because this is a safe place as we Sit at His Feet.

Welcome to DNW!
     Grace and peace be with you, dear sisters in Christ. We are overjoyed to welcome you to our online community, a haven for Christian women to gather, grow, and celebrate our faith. Here at Delicate Not Weak (DNW), we believe in the power of unity and sisterhood, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this spiritual journey.

      Our website is designed to inspire, encourage, and empower women of all ages and backgrounds as we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ and one another. Through our Bible studies, devotionals, and uplifting content, you'll find tools to nurture your faith, cultivate your gifts, and support your personal and spiritual growth.

     At DNW, we embrace our unique roles as women in God's kingdom, recognizing the beauty and strength within each of us. Our community is a space to share our triumphs and challenges, our joys and sorrows, all while seeking the guidance and love of our Savior.

    Whether you're a lifelong believer or new to the Christian faith, we invite you to explore our resources, join our conversations, and connect with like-minded sisters in Christ. We pray that DNW becomes a source of comfort, inspiration, and fellowship for you.

     Once again, welcome to our community of faith-driven women! May the love of Christ surround you, and may the Holy Spirit guide you as we walk together on this beautiful journey.

Thank you for Sitting at His Feet with me. I love you with the Love of Christ! ♥


Eager to teach and learn from like-minded women in the Christian Faith.