Delicate Not Weak

Why focus on Black Christian Women?

     At DNW, we have a special focus on uplifting and empowering Black Christian women. Our mission is to create a space where our sisters can come together, embrace their identity, and celebrate the beauty of our faith and heritage. We recognize the unique challenges that we Black women often face, and we seek to provide resources, support, and a sense of community tailored to our specific needs and experiences.

    However, it is important for us to emphasize that our website is an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or background. We believe that fostering understanding, empathy, and unity among all of God's children is essential in our journey to reflect the love of Christ in our lives.

     As such, we warmly invite believers from all walks of life to join our community, learn from one another, and contribute to the rich tapestry of perspectives that make our faith so vibrant and diverse. We believe that this inclusive approach not only strengthens our bonds as sisters and brothers in Christ but also enriches our spiritual growth and understanding.

   So, whether you are a Black woman seeking a supportive faith-based community or a believer of another race or gender with an open heart and desire to learn from others, you are most welcome here at DNW. Let us come together to celebrate our shared faith, appreciate our differences, and encourage one another as we grow closer to God.

Thank you for Sitting at His Feet with me,